How To Properly...

Use Your Turn Signal

Alot of people don’t appreciate it when you don’t at least use the turn signal while waiting to turn. Here’s why. Let’s say you’re coming out of a parking lot and getting ready to turn left, but cars are coming, like crazy, down the road from the left. Meanwhile I have come from the right and have pulled into the median or something getting ready to turn left into the parking lot you’re coming from. Well I’m waiting for the first chance to turn left, but if you didn’t remember to use your turn signal I’m not sure when the opportunity to go comes if I can take it, or if you’re going to come out and cross my path!

So work on remembering to use your turn signal… buy some memory pills, then come back and read these instructions.

  1. When you are approaching a stop from which you wish to turn, use your turn signal
  2. If you are going down a road and you want to turn off of that road! Use your turn signal when approaching the turn.
  3. When changing lanes you really gotta use your turn signal
  4. When pulling over onto the side of the road use the turn signal

It can be helpful, if you’re not sure, to make sure you know which direction is left and which is right. It’s really simple, left is the side your heart is on. So you can always figure out which way is left and which way is right.
<-- Left ............... Right -->

Keep this in mind when making turn signals… and drive safely.