How To Properly...

Make Kool-Aid

If you don’t know how easy it is to make Kool-Aid, I’d like to share my technique with you today. If you’re looking for a way to cut costs of living, you may be interested to learn that it takes me little more than 0.10 or 0.20 US dollars and a desire to drink a Kool-Aid type drink, to yeild an entire 2-liter of a great-tasting Kool-Aid sort of beverage!

Here are the needed supplies:
1. 2-liter bottle, left over from a 2-liter beverage.
2. A funnel. I use a sheet of paper.
3. One 10-20 cent pack of Kool-Aid mix or equivalent (powder).
4. Sugar, and something to scoop with, like a measuring cup.
5. A sink such as in a kitchen… or some source of water.

If you’ve got those things, you’re ready to drink your Kool-Aid type beverage in about 3 minutes. Use the following steps:

Take your 2-liter bottle and wash it out real quick, then fill it up maybe 1/3 full of water. Insert your funnel into the opening of the 2-liter bottle, then pour in the one whole Kool-Aid packet and about half a beer can full of sugar. Of course, you can always use a different amount of sugar next time. Fill the bottle with the remainder of water but be careful not to overfill it, because you have to be able to shake it up really well. So put the cap back on and shake it up, and turn it up side down and shake to make sure there’s no more Kool-Aid or sugar stuck to the bottom of the bottle.

And that’s it, that’s how it’s done.